Plant Growth Promoters


Super Plant Growth promoter

“Fasal Versa Zyme – L” FASAL POSHAKis a liquid based organic product . one can spray it on various crops and plants to improve productivity and strength of stems as well as flower.

“Fasal Versa Zyme – L” improves photo synthesis process in leaves which helps plant to uptake proper food and nutrients so that they become more stronger and productive.

“Fasal Versa Zyme – L” can be used on all standing crop Cereals, Horticulture and Floriculture plants. It enhances quality of fruits and crops and makes stems more stronger.


Super Plant Growth promoter

“Fasal Versa Zyme -G” is FASAL POSHAKgranules based Bio- Stimulant which helps plant in proper growth by improving no. of roots and stems.

Continuous use of chemicals based fertilizer and pesticides are harmful of soil as well as plants. It reduce productivity of soil and destroy various natural components of soil.

Fasal Versa Zyme – G is a organic product, means it is not harmful to the soil and harvest. It increases fertility and productivity of soil. It also make available micro nutrients to the plants.

  1. It improves anti-bodies in plants.
  2. Nourish plants by providing proper hormones.
  3. Fasal Versa Zyme – G activates non-soluble nourishing components and make them soluble in soil with the help of various enzymes and make them available to the plats.