Organic Fertilizers


As a renowned organization, FASAL POSHAKAs a renowned organization, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting an Extensive range of Nitrobenzene Formulation. These prevent pre-dropping of fruits & flowers and are developed using superior quality ingredients and advanced technology. Our products are thoroughly tested on various parameters by the quality analysts and are authorized as per the International standards.

Super Potassium Humate

Super Potassium Humate With Fulvates

we offer the clients super potassiumFASAL POSHAK humate with fulvates, which is 97-100% water soluble and consists of ha-60%,fa-15%, k20-10-12%. This viscous substance consists of humic & fulvic acids, which effectively reduce the metal ion content of soil & can also dissolve the minerals present in soils. This products is used to fasten the root development process, and to better the structure of the soil.

Seaweed Extract

Offering 100% natural organic concentrateFASAL POSHAK from marine plants, our seaweed extract has important regulatory functions. This has a naturally balanced complete plant food that offers all the relevant macro and micro nutrients for their healthy growth.

Amino Acid Liquid

Amino Acid Liquid Organic FertilizerFASAL POSHAK can make the crop become strong and it is also can strengthen crop's ability to prevent and resist some diseases, and delay crop's lifetime.