We are one of the most trusted FASAL POSHAKManufacturers and Suppliers of Micronutrient Powder. Fasal Poshak is a special formulation of various Secondary and Micro nutrients in specified proportion as per requirements of various Agriculture, horticulture and plantation crops. The mixture is in stable powder form and is highly soluble in water. The nutrients are easily and readily available to the soil and plants.


( Zn, Fe, Cu, B, Mn, Mo)

Every micronutrient has specific roles to play in the Crop. Their presence in optimum concentration is a must for the plant to complete its life cycle that ends with maturity and harvesting of the economic produce. Micronutrients are essential plant mineral nutrients taken up and utilized by crops in very small quantities. Traditionally, we have relied on what was present naturally in the soil together with amounts added as impurities in fertilizers and pesticides as the source of micronutrients for crop growth. In recent years however, deficiencies of micronutrients have been diagnosed more frequently; and many farmers are beginning to take a closer look at their general availability.

It is extremely important to be able to recognize and correct micronutrient deficiencies. When micro-nutrients become a limiting factor water, fertilizer and other high-energy production inputs may be wasted, since a plant will only grow and develop to the extent that its most limiting growth factor will allow.


“FASAL VASUDHA” Zinc it is FASAL POSHAKrequired by several enzyme systems, auxins and in protein synthesis; in seed production and rate of maturity.
Common symptoms of Zn-deficiency are stunted plant growth, poor tillering, development of light green, yellowish, bleached spots; chlorotic bands on either side of the midrib in maize, brown rusty spots on leaves in some crops which in acute Zn deficiency as in rice may cover the lower leaves; in fruit trees the leaves may bunch together at the tip in rosette type cluster. Little leaf condition is also a common symptom. To avoid deficiency of zinc use the following micronutrients fertilizers in soil and/or foliar spray; never use the zinc fertilizers with phosphatic fertilizers