Bio Pesticides


Fasal Booster is FASAL POSHAK manufactured by U.P Agro fertilizer Ltd.
Fasal Booster is a “Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria” (PGPB) as they promote plant growth by secreting Auxins, Gibberllins and Cytokinins like substances.
Fasal Booster is also effective against wide verity of seed and soil borne disease. Fasal Booster enable better growth and development of crop plants to produce higher yields.


“FASAL GUARD” is a unique product of FASAL POSHAKliquid formulation. Fasal Guard is “ Plant Growth promoting Microbes” as they promote plant growth by secreting of some biochemical for reduction of pathogenic organisms.
Fasal Guard is highly active on root and stem rots caused by Schlerotinia, and Rhizoctonia, Wilt caused by Fusarium and very effective on vegetable, Oilseeds, Fruit plants and Floriculture. Apart from this Fasal Guard metabolites stimulate seed germination, plants growth and early flower formation.


“Fasal Gold” is directly FASAL POSHAK enhance the growth of field crop as well as Horticulture plants and ornamental plants.
Fasal Gold is highly active on sucking pest like – Aphids, Thrips, Mites, and Bugs etc. Fasal Gold is very useful on crop like – Mustard, Mango, Sorghum, Rice, Cotton, Tomato, Chilies, Brinjal, Onion, Fruits and flower crops.
Fasal Gold is also infects all stage of insects of insects. Addition of jiggery before application in the soil or crop improve the results.


“Fasal Fighter” is a high quality FASAL POSHAKliquid formulation. Fasal Fighter is highly active on Caterpillars, Borer, Hairy Caterpillars, Pest of Vegetables and fruit plants and sucking pest like – Mite and Spider Mite of vegetable and ornamentals.
Fasal Fighter infects all stage of insects including Egg, Larvae, Pupa, Grubs, Hoppers and adults.


“Fasal Green” is unique FASAL POSHAK product of U.P Agro Fertilizers ltd.directly Fasal Green enhance the growth of field crop and increase the crop yields.
Fasal Green is also useful in control of Catterpillers, Semiloopers and sucking insects etc.
Fasal Green is also infects all stage of insects of insects including Egg., larva, pupa, and adults. For best result in potato and sugarcane apply before planting and mix thoroughly with the soil by ploughing.