“ FASAL NITRO” is manufactured by using Azotobactor Chrococcum bacteria. Fasal Nitro is a liquid formulation containing nitrogen fixing bacteria which fixes atmospheric nitrogen and make available to plants roots.

It increase disease resistance and secrete growth promoters to increase crop productivity.


The efficiency of Azospirrillium as a Bio – Fertilizers has increased because of its ability of inducing abundant roots in several plants. Azospirrilium synthesize considerable amount of biologically active substance like Vitamins, Nicotinic acid, Indole acetic acidis  and  gibberellins. All these hormones/chemicals helps the plants in better germination, better root development.

Stimulates growth and imports green colour which is characteristics of healthy plants.



“FASAL VRIDHI” is manufactured by using Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (P.S.B), helps in solubilization of the bound phosphate in soil.

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria play an important role in converting insoluble phosphate compound such as rock phosphate, bone meal and particularly the chemically fixed soil phosphorous into available form.

It increase disease resistance and secrete growth promoters to increase crop productivity.

Effect of liquid Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria under field condition-

  1. Encourages early root development.
  2. Stimulates formation of fats, convertible starches and healthy seeds.




FASAL PULSE is manufactured by using Rhizobium Spp.

Fasal Pulse Crop in liquid formulation is a symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria which is capable of fixation of atmospheric nitrogen in host legumes.

During growth they get attached and enter to root hairs, multiply there, form nodules and fix biological nitrogen in the nodules.
Fasal Pulse Crop is recommended for all leguminous crop.



FASAL MAJOR is a unique product of U.P AGRO FERTILIZERS LTD.

Fasal Major is liquid product formulation containing Potash Mobilizing Bacteria. It is used as a biofertilizer in all crops. It helps in reducing the use of chemicals fertilizers (Less Potash needed after it is use) due to its Potash Mobilizing activity.